Pululahua Crater

Geographical Location:
Range of Altitude:
Time of Formation:
Last Eruption:


0°04´N; 78°46´W (approx. 2 km north of Equator Line )
2400m (crater bottom) to 3356m  (Sincholagua peak)
Cuaternarian era (some estimates are recently as 15 000 years ago)
considered dormant (some classify it as active)
500 BC ( 2500 years ago, just recently in geological time).


It is not very easy to describe or visually transmit to you this huge crater
but here is an attempt anyway by way of composite pictures.
Š all photos by the author

  This composite photo was taken from the road leading into the crater, looking northeast. At left is the breach in the crater walls-The hill in the middle is Pondoņa, the huge lava dome-To the right is the inhabited, agricultural part.


 Below: This is the breach in the crater walls, the reason why it did not become a crater lake.


 Below: This composite picture was taken on top of Pondoņa, looking straight east into the flat bottom of the crater. The front ridge  of the lava dome was created by explosions in the dome.


Above: Finca Colibri is located to the back in the left hand corner, where the shadow drops down.



Above: The view which presents itself looking from our farmhouse towards west. Left is the small rocky elevation of El Chivo, the big hill in the middle is Pondoņa and the tiny dome to its right is called
Pan de Azucar. These three elevations in the crater proper are extinct lava domes

Click here for more information on its volcanic history

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